A private media holding founded in 2019.
We create content and manage media projects
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Currently, the Demedia's key projects include the Black Caviar Games, a game development studio; the Demedia Live Fund project; and content licensing.

Reality is no longer independent.
Reality is the result of creative work.
Meaningful activity.
We are here to give a chance to speak out to everyone who has something to say.
We are here to implement ideas that are in demand today and will be relevant tomorrow.
«The medium is the message»
«The media is the sense»
We are here to create reality.
Herbert Marshall McLuhan, 1964
Demedia, 2019
The objective of the Demedia live fund project is to help you implement projects that are in our area of interest.

We create and help others create. This is the bridge between idea and implementation.
Anyone can bring an idea to life with the Demedia live fund.
A finished project is not a must: your idea or your talent will do.

Directors, producers, programmers, journalists, artists, creative enthusiasts, and established startups: tell us about yourself or about your idea, and we will contact you.
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Your company is quite new. Can I trust you?
We work as transparently as possible. Our goal is to help implement promising projects and individual initiatives. Please visit the "Submit a project" or "Send CV" sections for all the legal documentation that supports our intentions. If you can't find an answer to your question, please write to info@demedia.pro, and you will definitely get an answer.
Demedia and Demedia live fund - are they the same entity?
No, they are not. Demedia is a media holding that manages projects. The Demedia live fund is one of the said projects.
Can I be sure that you won't steal my idea?
Yes, you can be sure. All supporting legal documentation can be found in the "Submit a project" and "Submit CV" sections.
Why the Demedia live fund?
We are a private company, so we make decisions promptly. We don't have boards of directors or endless meetings. Decisions are made by experts in art and media, and we can competently assess the potential and possible development of each idea that we receive.
Why do you do this?
It's simple. We believe that a huge number of worthwhile ideas and projects will never be implemented without the help and proper supervision. However, we can change this situation. That's what we do.
Is the Demedia live fund an investment fund? Start-up accelerator? Neither one.
The Demedia live fund is an initiative support fund that combines the functions of an investment company, an accelerator, and a consulting company.
I have a project. How can you help me?
Project support and the form of cooperation depend solely on the project itself. We identify certain basic areas of interaction. Each of them is supplemented and varied in the course of negotiations.
What forms of cooperation do you offer?
  • Project "packaging"
  • Project investments
  • Project "acceleration"
  • Other project assistance
I am a Director (Journalist, Programmer, Artist, etc.). What happens after I send you my CV?
We review each CV. If we decide you are the one we are looking for, we'll contact you to offer possible cooperation options. In general, this could be an invitation for your participation in one of our projects based on your area of expertise. In other words, it can be called our own HR-department within the project. We are looking for talents and we help them 'reach the top'.
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